Hotel & Spa in Isère, Rhône-Alpes

Domaine Dolomieu’s Spa by Sothys: embark on the ultimate sensory experience 

Sothys’ history 

Contemporary surroundings

Reception area: on your arrival, enjoy the soothing feeling of the reception area and the changing rooms, as you prepare for the ultimate wellness experience. Sleek, contemporary furniture in light, warm tones and the gently lit ambiance provide the perfect setting in which to talk with our attentive staff who are here to guide and advise, based on your individual needs.

Gym: try out the very latest-generation equipment in this sporting facility. Whether you work out regularly or are looking to start a new programme, there’s something for everyone, every level of fitness and every fitness goal. Why not work out with a personal trainer for a truly customised training session?

Pool and sensory shower:  domaine Dolomieu’s omnipresent natural surroundings are reflected differently in the property’s various areas: in the Spa by Sothys, plants are an obvious choice for the backdrop to the pool area and the shower. Relax in the heated pool with blue-green water, unwind with the massaging jets and admire the beautiful painting of a sky on the ceiling and the green wall , before enjoying the stress-busting properties of the sensory shower which blend into this natural décor.

Sauna and steam room Installed around an ice fountain, the sauna and steam room provide the ultimate relaxation in a nature-inspired décor. domaine Dolomieu’s Spa by Sothys boasts a wooden sauna with an elegant, cosy feel. This Scandinavian bathing experience, which involves alternating between periods of intense, dry heat and cold showers, is the ideal way to prepare your body for the cold winter weather.

The steam room, built in natural stone, offers a mineral décor in which to relax and to feel at one with nature. Say goodbye to stress and tense muscles, cleanse your skin and improve your circulation in this humid room in the truly unique setting of domaine Dolomieu’s Spa by Sothys.

Relaxation area and herbal tea bar: take the time to snuggle up on cosy sofas and by an inviting bookcase, in an alcove lounge with wooden trellised panels for a truly intimate feel. The Spa by Sothys relaxation area invites you to unwind and to savour the unique surroundings of this place. With a wide range of herbal teas and floral waters available, guests will be able to make the most of this soothing, revitalising place, ideal for body and soul.

Treatment rooms: with an intimate feeling, soft lighting and a cosy décor, the treatment rooms at the Spa by Sothys are incredibly peaceful. These rooms offer a refuge in which to unwind and to enjoy the incredible benefits of a treatment after a hard day’s work or a day of sport, during your stay in Isère with your partner, your friends or your family or even during a single day at domaine Dolomieu.

Spa by Sothys: domaine Dolomieu’s Spa by Sothys has four treatment rooms of roughly 16 m2and a 25 m2room for two people. Innovative face and body treatments and massages are provided by Sothys, the ultimate spa brand. Combining excellence, luxury and innovation, the French brand Sothys has created unique procedures for truly individual treatments for the face and body. In the heart of this luxurious spa at domaine Dolomieu, the brand shares the property’s nature-inspired focus and offers unparalleled wellness experiences and relaxation. Within the Spa by Sothys, La Bulle provides a 55 m² space for people-oriented and calming activities. Yoga, meditation, Pilates, tai-chi, sophrology and gymnastics: La Bulle is the ultimate venue in which to organise workshops, whatever your needs and requirements.

As a seamless extension to the relaxation area in the Spa by Sothys, domaine Dolomieu’s grounds provide another backdrop to these relaxing activities: enjoy the soothing benefits of an immersive experience in the great outdoors.

Relaxation in the grounds or in La Bulle (rates and bookings on request)

  • Yoga sessions
  • Sophrology
  • Mindful meditation  

To prepare for your visit to domaine Dolomieu’s Spa, contact us by:
Telephone: +33 4 74 18 33 18

  • Dolomieu Health Club membership (access to the gym and cloackroom):
    • Annual price: €490
    • 10-session pass: €195              
  • Personal training sessions:
    • €40 for 30 mins
    • €70 for 1 hour (booking required)
  • Bungy-pump session:
    • from €20 for 30 mins (booking required)

To prepare for your visit to domaine Dolomieu’s fitness centre, contact us by:
Telephone: +33 4 74 18 33 18

Facilities and treatments at domaine Dolomieu’s Spa by Sothys