A relaxing stay in the natural surroundings of Isère, Rhône-Alpes

Listed tree-filled grounds, spanning 20 hectares 


The stunning natural beauty of domaine Dolomieu in Isère, near Lyon, makes it the perfect venue for sporting and leisure activities, work and celebrations. The grounds, which have been landscaped but remain unspoilt, have so much to offer: the ideal place in which to enjoy yourself during your stay at domaine Dolomieu, whatever the occasion and whatever the time of year.

Domaine Dolomieu’s grounds are perfect for a stroll or a walk.

Whether you’re on your own, with a loved one or your family, leave everyday stresses behind and relax as you marvel at the remarkable trees and fauna to be found in this unspoilt setting. Enjoy a stay inspired by the natural surroundings of these grounds in Rhône-Alpes in a peaceful, soothing setting.

Yoga, gymnastics, tai-chi, meditation: anything is possible. Enjoy a real sense of well-being and recharge your batteries in this incredibly tranquil place. There’s nothing like it!

Explore, be bold, move

Explore the forest, get away from it all with a run in the great outdoors and marvel at the remarkable trees of this unspoilt place.

Experience a real sense of adventure, something which has played such an important role in the property’s history, dating back to when Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu, an inquisitive scientist and keen traveller, lived here. It’s a pleasure to organise sporting activities for groups during professional events here: orienteering, treasure hunts and other activities can all be enjoyed at domaine Dolomieu. The property is also an ideal venue for art exhibitions and outdoor plays and concerts in warmer weather, providing artists with a truly inspiring natural setting.

Take up a sporting activity, train, persevere and surpass your own expectations: everyone can enjoy the tree-filled grounds as a backdrop to their favourite physical activities

Work, create, innovate

In this area close to Lyon where nature allows more creativity, the park becomes a real studious, open and inspiring place. Organizing a meeting or a time of exchange between collaborators then frees up the floor and offers a unique space for creativity. A green theater is proposed to accommodate these working times.