Gagneux: local expertise from the Dauphiné

Masterful, elegant, typical of the Dauphiné region: of course, we’re talking about the roof of domaine Dolomieu’s château!

Domaine Dolomieu has been undergoing renovations since spring 2017 with a number of different professionals working on this unique project.

Two huge cranes have been visible from the Dolomieu countryside since 10 October 2018, used by a team of local builders to restore the château’s roof with its typical Dauphinois style. 78,000 Dauphinois tiles have been used to cover the roof, spanning a total surface area of 1,300 m². The finials were carefully chosen: the two large black ornamental tiles in the centre of the roof were removed and renovated for an identical look in steel and zinc. Attached to the vertical axis of a weather vane, the finials rotate. The dovecote, which looks out on the Dent du Chat mountain, now boasts a new and traditional Dauphinois roof, in the heart of the Dolomieu countryside.

All of this work has been carried out by GAGNEUX, a local company with a team of 6 people who have worked on site for more than 8 months. 

GAGNEUX was chosen specifically: this local, reputable and family-run company, which celebrated its 20th birthday in April 2019, specialises in traditional Dauphinois roofs. It is a member of Les Compagnons du Devoir, a movement which provides young people from the ages of 15 and 18 with training in traditional trades, helping them to experience community life and to travel around France. GAGNEUX takes on two apprentice carpenters every year.

During his interview, Philippe Gagneux told us: “I’m proud to have worked alongside my team on a project like this and I’m proud to have been able to showcase these beautiful roofs.”