Nicolas calbry, domaine Dolomieu Executive Chef

Posted on: Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The domaine Dolomieu, Château in full renaissance…

A few months before opening, the field continues its recruitment process. The domaine will have a team of 45 permanent employees. At the present time being, Nicolas Calbry has joined the Dolomieu team as Executive Chef.

Originally from Lyon and working for ten years in the gastronomic restaurant circuit, Nicolas Calbry studied cooking at the Alain Ducasse Training Center in Paris, then at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. He perfected his technique and creativity alongside the best workers in France (MOF) such as Alain Le Cossec, Florent Boivin, Jean Claude Pequet and Jean Marc Tachet, then alongside starred chefs such as Frédéric Robert, Edward Cristaudo, Sander Bierenbroodspot . In the interests of openness and exchange, he decided to go abroad for two years in international palaces.

Passionate and in love with his region of origin, the new executive chef of the gastronomic restaurant Les Dolomites and the brasserie Le 205, will compose sincere, natural and local cuisine.

Indeed the chef not only gives priority to local products, but goes much further in this spirit of sustainable development and homemade. He exchanges with local producers and draws his inspiration from their products, from his travels, but also from his mother's cuisine.

For him, everything must be really homemade: bread, honey, butter… In the long term, he plans to produce a large part of his consumption of fruits and vegetables, his cold meats or his cheeses; to move towards a form of self-sufficiency and to favor only short circuits.

In a true quest for authenticity and that of offering exceptional cuisine, the chef advocates healthy cuisine, part of the region he has chosen; in a spirit of sharing and transmitting its know-how.

Whether we talk about gastronomy or brasserie, for the chef, the essential remains the same: respect for the essence of the product and its authenticity, without artifice.

But in a permanent search for innovation, treatment of the product or simply on their therapeutic virtues, Nicolas Calbry wants to shake things up, break codes, while respecting the traditions and history of gastronomy.

To complete, the owner Robin Blein wanted to give an international culinary dimension by integrating Jean Marc Tachet as consultant of assistance to Project management, with Chef Nicolas Calbry.

Jean Marc Tachet lives in Dolomieu and officiates within his culinary academy, proposing a place initiated to training and coatching. Chef Meilleur Ouvrier de France, supporting the French Trident d'or and Bocuse d'or teams, Jean Marc Tachet therefore becomes a new ambassador for the domaine with Chef Nicolas Calbry.