Interview Pavage Art

Posted on: Monday, September 6, 2021

This month, read the portrait of a company with tradition and local expertise ...

The paving company located in Isère at Faverges de la Tour, supports its clients, from the study of the project to the installation of granite pavers and various natural stones for exterior fittings. Made up exclusively of professional pavers, the teams are familiar with traditional laying techniques, a real guarantee of quality for all paving work.

Paving stones and natural stone are integrated into many environments, castles, courtyards, old houses, architectural houses…. The following ? You guess it!

Robin Blein and his team are continuing to select local craftsmen to work in this extraordinary yard in Dolomieu. This is why the choice was natural to select L’Art du Pavage to carry out these large-scale exterior works.

Jorges De Almeida's laying team have been working very hard for almost a year on the estate. This represents hundreds of hours of work, meticulousness and incredible rigor for an authentic achievement with more than 243,000 paving stones laid.

Jorges De Almeida tells us: "This is a titanic project and an incredible showcase for my company"

We wish you a good viewing of this report seen from the sky, while waiting to be able to open the gates of this magnificent domain to you ! 

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