Interview with Jérome Michelangeli

Posted on: Monday, August 31, 2020

This month, read the portrait of Jérôme MICHELANGELI.

Positive attitude, always with a smartphone and a ruler in his pocket, Jérôme MICHELANGELI is closely monitoring the site's work. And for good reason ! He is the interior designer architect for Les Cyprès and Les Cèdres buildings, with the common thread: nature, humility and discretion.

Let's go back to the starting point: Jérôme, originally from Corsica, studied math Sup when he wanted to pursue his youthful passion: architecture. He roamed the prestigious corridors of the School of Fine Arts in Paris for 5 years, then once graduated worked for Parisian agencies. Its development is Spanish, where since the 2000s it has settled. He founded Michelangeli Design in Madrid, to focus his creative work on unique international projects and new living spaces. The domaine Dolomieu project therefore makes perfect sense and Jérôme joined the site team in 2019. "For me the domaine represents a BIG TREE. The estate house is this park, this forest where my first design ideas appeared. »The key words of Jérôme's project become:

-the well-being from which the decor of the HYGUE rooms derives

-the nature from which the decor of the ZEN rooms stems

-the yoga from which the decor of the VIPASSANA rooms derives

His work for the decoration of the spa and sensory space is also on the line of gentleness, adding a point of technology to respond to the advanced treatment techniques that the estate will offer. For Jérôme, there is no good project without a good client. “This adventure is above all a meeting with Robin Blein, an owner who takes the time, is demanding and strives for excellence. "