Interview with Céline Coyaud

Posted on: Sunday, July 12, 2020


This month, read the portrait of a team member and not the least !

You could say that it is part of the walls so it is anchored in the project of the domain.

Lyonnaise and iséroise for 10 years, Céline Coyaud combines family life and professional life with brilliance. Her husband and 3 children also live to the rhythm of an extraordinary hotel project, orchestrated by Robin Blein the owner and Claude Calbry as project manager.

Céline and Claude form a pair on a daily basis, depending on the site and the progress of this project since 2016. Teamwork in collaboration with the craftsmen and companies who work every day to transform the buildings and the park.

Céline particularly remembers the warm welcome from the keepers of the Château: Yvette and Maurice Moulin, from Guy Gardien, historian of the estate, from the entire town hall team and more generally from the Dolomois.

All accompanied, supported and guided her: "I will always remember their warm and helpful welcome! And then my year-old roommate, Brigitte Pleau-Rojon, with whom we shared our office in this vast Château. "

For over 10 years, Céline was a sales assistant and worked for an Isère company specializing in marquees and party supplies.

Céline is loyal, understanding and adapts to any situation, what Robin Blein perceived at home when she joined the project of the Domaine de Buffières in 2016.

She is our pillar: true colleague, mother of craftsmen, architects and all outside people likely to intervene in the field.