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Interview with Lisa Archi, interior designer

With her twinkly eyes, her incredible smile and her ever-cheerful nature, this month we’re going to introduce you to Lisa Paunovitch, our interior designer.

Born in Southampton, Lisa grew up in Switzerland, Belgium, England and Paris.
After graduating with a degree in Interior Design from the Met Penninghen in London, Lisa spent several years as the graphic designer and window designer of a large British company, before founding her own design and interior design company, Lisa Paunovitch Design, 16 years ago. Based in Faverges-de-la-Tour, Lisa has added her own creative touch to French ski resorts, sports centres, spas, restaurants and much more.
As for Domaine de Buffières,
with her 3 children at the local school in Les Forges, a stone’s throw from the property, she and her husband organised annual sports days for the children in the heart of the property’s grounds for almost 10 consecutive years! When Lisa found out that Mr Blein had acquired the property with a view to opening a hotel, she knocked on the château’s solid wooden door to introduce herself. Lisa immediately got on well with Mrs Coyaud and Mr Blein and was appointed as the interior designer of the château, the spa and the brasserie. This was a long-term project, beginning in 2015, which focused on breathing new life into the château and the property as a whole: restoring this noble, colourful and sophisticated estate while honouring the family of Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu, his discoveries and his past. That's why every room has a different theme (volcanoes, Déodat, the explorer) and the lounges, bars and restaurants offer a unique, welcoming setting, inspired by the property’s history. Lisa is behind the overwhelmingly peaceful feel of domaine Dolomieu’s spa, with its beautifully different and relaxing décor.
Lisa has worked with local craftsmen and women, who know the property, who have seen how the renovations have evolved over time and whose proposals, quotes and sketches have resulted in high-quality work which has met all the specifications of Robin Blein, the property’s owner.
During our interview, Lisa confessed: “this project has been so important to me, we restored a soulless building, transforming its atmosphere. It was a real challenge for me, but at the same time, it was very exciting. With the inspiring natural surroundings as my working environment, I was constantly motivated by this project.”